Do I need to file an application with the Planning Board?
Often members of the public call with questions regarding improvements to their property and whether they need to file with the Planning Board. Usually these questions deal whether the existing or proposed building has the required front yard, side yard, lot size and etc. These issues are handled by the Building Inspector and, if needed, the Zoning Board of Appeals.

Generally, only when a property needs to be subdivided, or split into more than one lot, does an individual need to come before the Planning Board. However, based on a recent zoning change, the Board now performs site review of any single family home construction or renovation that exceeds 3,500 square feet. Given the impact of these "large homes" on a neighborhood, the Board ensures that issues like height, setbacks, drainage and design, to some extent, among others, are acceptable to the neighborhood. Similarly, if a person is proposing a commercial project that exceeds 200 square feet in size, he or she must come before the Board for a Commercial Site Plan Review hearing. The Board is also charged with reviewing applications for Residential Cluster Developments and Common Driveways and conducting hearings on amendments to the Cohasset Zoning Bylaw and street acceptance requests.

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1. Do I need to file an application with the Planning Board?
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