Cohasset Town Hall Building Committee

Town Hall Building Committee Video #1 is about the upgrades and improvements needed to renovate and rebuild Cohasset Town Hall. Video # 2 addresses the critical needs. Video # 3 is the THBC Presentation to Annual Town Meeting 2023


The recommendation of the Town Hall Building Committee is to renovate historic town hall and rebuild the annex. The reasons include:

•A more attractive exterior in keeping with the historic Common.

•A restored auditorium for civic, recreation and artistic use.

•Public restrooms for events on the Common.

•Catering kitchen for future revenue-production.

•Updated HVAC, electrical, plumbing, fire/safety systems 
 and roof – all of which are beyond their useful lives.

•ADA compliance, including functional elevator.

•Adequate office space for town employees with flexibility in the floor plans should future needs change.

•Meeting room space for the dozens of committees that meet hundreds of times annually as part of town governance.

History Behind Town Hall:

The Cohasset Town Hall Building Committee would like to share information about the history of the Cohasset Town Hall ahead of the upcoming vote on the project at the Annual Town Meeting. "Cohasset's Town Hall has been a pillar of our community for the past 166 years and has been host to numerous integral events in our town's history," said Phil Lehr, chair of the Town Hall Building Committee. "However, like most old buildings, it's outdated and no longer meets the needs that are required of a 21st-century town hall. We hope our efforts help to revitalize and reinvigorate our Town Hall for all to enjoy for years to come." To read more about the history of Cohasset Town Hall Click here.

Town Hall Building Committee Meetings

Agendas & Minutes

Meeting agendas are posted on the first floor of the Town Hall 48 hours before each meeting, Agendas are also posted to the Town's website. Meeting minutes are available on this website and archive copies are available for a nominal charge at Town Hall.

To view the most recent Agendas and Minutes of the Cohasset Town Hall Building Committee, please click on the link below:

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Town Hall Building Committee Releases

The Town Hall Building Committee's charge:

Town Hall Building Committee – established in January 2018, terms expire 2020. The Town Hall Building Committee will serve at the direction of the Cohasset Board of Selectmen and work with the Town Manager and other town personnel, committees and consultants to advance the goals of the BoS relative to the Town Hall project. The THBC will provide updates to the Board as requested, and at least once a month. The following goals were voted and adopted (unanimously) on January 8, 2019. 

1. The town hall should be a safe, functional, flexible and accessible space which will meet the needs of Cohasset’s committee structure and administrative staff for the next several decades. 

2. Town hall should remain on the town common at 41 Highland Avenue. 

3. The town values the 1857 historic structure and its auditorium space and seeks to restore and preserve it for future generations as a center of civic, cultural and community activities. 

4. The Town seeks community partners in the restoration of the 1857 historic structure and utilization of the historic auditorium, including financial assistance from private foundations and citizens. 

5. The budget for town hall be reasonable, prudent and consistent within the 10-year capital plan and be governed by the town’s ability to fund such construction with a net neutral tax impact on the residents of the town. 

Updated and approved, Cohasset Board of Selectmen, January 22, 2019 

To access a PDF version of the charge click here.

Member  Position  Email
Phil Lehr Chair
Wayne Sawchuk Vice-Chair
Carolyn Coffey  Member
Tucker Meehan Member  
Josiah Stevenson Member
Gerht Lubitz Member 
Mark Cameron  Member