Drain Layers

Cohasset Drain Layer's License issued by the Board of Sewer Commissioners is necessary for locating, relocating, modifying, upgrading, repairing, and connecting new or renewal sewer services and service materials (pressure and gravity) to the town's sewer system. For a list of current drain layers, click here.

Permit to Construct Sewer Services & Laterals

  • No work shall commence relative to construction of sewer service connections and laterals without the owner of the property first obtaining a connection permit which is issued by the Board of Sewer Commissioners.
  • No duly Licensed Drain layer shall commence any related construction without first confirming through permit examination or verification with the Town that such a permit has been issued and remains valid.

Annual Fee

  • $1,000 annually made payable to the Town of Cohasset - All licenses expire December 31st of each year

Drain Layer Information

A drain layer who is licensed by the Board of Sewer Commissioners is in no way exempt from all other applicable local, state, and/or federal regulations applicable to his construction activities, including but not limited to OSHA standards, Dig Safe regulations, local and state building code and permitting requirements including trench permit regulations, and local Conservation Commission requirements.

Contractor's Obligation

It shall be the sole responsibility of the contractor to provide the Sewer Commission with the proper documents and to provide renewals when present insurance or continuous bond has expired. Certificates and bonds must be signed therefore only originals will be accepted unless otherwise noted - no copies or faxes. Licenses will not be issued until all the requirements are met.