Recyclable Items

Material Includes Instructions
Newspaper and Junk Mail All Paper Items
Place in appropriate bins
Corrugated and Cardboard Shoe Boxes, Cereal Boxes, Brown Paper Bags, Boxes, Etc. Remove liners, plastic fillers, and all other non-cardboard materials; break down boxes flat and place in bin
Glass Bottles Only (Green, Brown, and Clear) - No Window Glass, Light Bulbs, or Ceramic Place on appropriate spot on shelf at the glass shed - remove all metal caps and corks
Tin and Aluminum Cans, Tinfoil, Etc. Wash out cans and place in dumpster
Plastic Containers All Plastic Items numbered 1 to 7 Wash out plastic bottles and containers, remove caps, and place in bin
Plastic Shopping Bags All Plastic Bags Place in container near the plastic bin
Redeemable Items All Glass, Cans, or Plastic with a 5 or 10 Cent Deposit Wash out containers and bring to redeemable shed run by Troop 28 Boy Scouts
Clothes All Clothing and Shoes Put all clothing into a bag and place in collection bins adjacent to the glass shed
Scrap Metal and White Ware All Metal Items, Refrigerators, Stoves, Etc. See attendant
Motor Oil and Anti-Freeze Motor Oil, Oil Filters, and Anti-Freeze See attendant
Tires Car and Small Truck Can be placed into trash if the rims are removed
Paints Latex and Oil-Based Latex; leave can open to dry in a well ventilated area and throw in trash. Oil-based; accepted on designated days only
Fluorescent Lights All Types See attendant
Vehicle Batteries Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Etc. See attendant
Other Batteries Watch, Hearing Aid, Fire Alarm, Etc. Alkaline batteries may be placed in trash, otherwise see attendant
TV and Computer Monitors All Visual Monitors See attendant
Leaves and Grass Grass Clippings, and Leaves, No Branches or Limbs Place into compost dirt pile
Brush Christmas trees, Shrubs, Limbs, Branches, No Stumps Accepted on designated days only