Licensing Information


Every November the Select Board is responsible for renewing the licenses for the following:

  • All liquor licenses
  • Class 1, and 2 auto sales
  • Common victualer licenses
  • Juke boxes
  • Limousine and taxi services
  • Live and non-live entertainment
  • State entertainment licenses
  • Video games and pinball machines

The Select Board and Town Manager also license the following each May:

  • Junk Collectors (Antiques), $30 per year
  • Transient Vendors, only 3 allowed with preference to Cohasset residents. Transient Vendor Licenses are only issued from Memorial Day to Labor Day at a cost of $50 per year. The Town sends out a renewal application to the existing transient vendors; only if 1 of those vendors does not renew will there be an opening.

License Renewal & Application

When it is time to renew a license, the proper forms are mailed to the contact on the original licensing file. If the office does not receive the required forms by the date requested, the license will not be renewed and the applicant will have to file a new application. To apply for a new license, you can print and fill out the application and worker's compensation forms. You can then submit these forms with the proper fee, with the payment made payable to the Town of Cohasset. Payment for liquor licenses renewals must be in the form of a bank check.

Forms & Applications