Motor Vehicle Excise


  • Bills are mailed annually per registration
  • Due dates: 30 days after issue, date varies upon registration of vehicle. Majority are due in March.

Late Payments

Interest will be charged at 12% per annum on any payment not received by the Collector's Office by the due date - postmarks not acceptable. If not paid, a demand for payment will be issued and a fee of $30 (Massachusetts General Laws chapter 60:15) will be added. If payment is still not received, a warrant fee of $10 will be added and the account will be forwarded to the Deputy Collector, John Brady's Office. The Deputy Collector will issue a first notice for an additional fee of $12 and a second notice for an additional fee of $17 (Massachusetts General Laws chapter 60:15). Continued failure to pay will result in your license and registration being flagged for non-renewal at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.