Treasurer / Collector


The Treasurer Collector's Office strives to provide the highest level of customer service and support to all of the Town's constituencies, as well as satisfying the legal requirements set forth in the Massachusetts General Laws and the Town's Bylaws.

Responsibilities & Services

The Treasurer Collector's Department offers numerous services and has various responsibilities which include the ones listed, but are not limited to the following:

Monetary Management

The Treasurer Collector is responsible for Cohasset's cash management which includes keeping account of, and investing, all available monetary items. The Treasurer/Collector's Office maintains all records of various tax withholding obligations and properly disburses the withholding's. Along with this, the Office is also responsible for administering Cohasset's trust funds along with expending all of Cohasset's funds via accounts payable. The Treasurer is additionally responsible for the preparation and administration of Cohasset's payroll.

Debt Management

The Treasurer Collector's Department reports to various Town Officials and to Town Meeting regarding Cohasset's current debt position. The Department produces and maintains documentation required for long and short term borrowing issues which face the Town of Cohasset. The Treasurer/Collector then properly disburses all debt payments, while maintaining Cohasset's overall bond rating.

Employee & Group Benefits

The Treasurer Collector is responsible for maintaining and recording the various insurance plans and group benefits for Town employees. We encourage you to contact us for more information.

Issuing & Collecting Bills

The Treasurer Collectors' Office is responsible for issuing and collecting real estate, personal property, automobile and boat excise, and water and sewer bills. More information can be obtained by contacting the Treasurer and Collectors office.

Payment Policy & Collection Procedures

Payments can be made by going to the Treasurer Collectors' Office located on the second floor of the Town Hall directly at the top of the stairs. Payments can also be made online using the

UniPay website

. Other payment policies and collection procedure information can be found by clicking the Online Banking to Pay for Town bills and the Payment Acceptance Policy links in the left column.

Forms & Documents