Little Harbor Water & Sewer Project

Project Details

The Water Department worked jointly with the Sewer Department on the Little Harbor Project. Constructed started in September 2007. The planned water system improvements were completed in November 2008, while the new sewer installations were essentially completed in May 2009. We have also been repaving the roads and cleaning up the Little Harbor area. Please contact us if you have questions regarding the restoration work. The Contractor has also been making sure the new sewer system is ready for you to connect to. When you are installing your new sewer connection, the Water Department encourages you to also upgrade your water service to 1 inch or larger, as many of the services in the Little Harbor Sewer District are old and most are smaller than we currently allow. Today's modern living requirements are more fully serviced by a 1 inch or larger water service. Most existing services are currently ¾" and further reduced by years of corrosion and buildup.

We have developed an information package to assist you in making this decision. Please do not hesitate to contact us to receive this package or if you still have question about the Little Harbor Project. Resident Information can be found by viewing the Little Harbor Resident Information (PDF).