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Chrissie Dahlstrom
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Town Hall
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Phone: (781) 383-4105

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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8:30am - 4:30am

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Friday: 8:30am - 1:00pm

Description of the Zoning Board of Appeals:


Zoning regulates the use and dimensional boundaries of privately owned buildings and land.  The Zoning code is in place to protect neighborhoods from the construction of buildings or structures that do not fit into the context of the neighborhood.  The Zoning board of Appeals hears appeals for varying the application of the Zoning Code and determines when it is appropriate to grant deviations from the code restrictions. 


The Board of Appeals holds public hearings on applications for zoning variances and special permits and decides appeals of administrative decisions of the Town's Zoning officials.  All submissions for continued hearings need to be filed at the Zoning board office at least a week plus one day prior to the next hearing.  This will allow for the submissions to be included in the Board's packets that will be delivered one week prior to the hearing.  This benefits the applicant as it allows the Board to review the materials prior to the meeting.  Submissions can of course be filed after this date, or at zoning board meetings, but the applicant should be aware that in most cases this may lengthen the decision making process.

 Cohasset Zoning Bylaws


Filing an Application with the Zoning Board of Appeals:


To file a Zoning Board of Application, please follow the steps provided below:


  1. Confirm that you will need to come before the Board with the Building Inspector.  If you do, download the application provided in the "forms and documents" section of this page, along with the checklists and other requirements
  2. Call the Zoning Board office and ask when the next meeting is and what the deadline for that meeting will be
  3. Make sure you have all of the plans you will need to show the Board what relief you are seeking (you will see these requirements in the application)
  4. Obtain a certified abutters list from the Assessor's Office - this costs $25.00 and can take up to ten business days

Responsibilities of the Zoning Board of Appeals:


  • Authorize or deny variances from the zoning law
  • Fulfill such other responsibilities as are required under Chapter 40A of Massachusetts General Law
  • Hear and decide applications for special permits
  • Hear and decided appeals from the decisions of the Building Inspector