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The Water Department is actively looking for any leaks in the system through our annual leak detection survey. This is a very important part of water conservation in the statewide Water Management Act where the goal is 10% or less.  

\The survey is conducted on all of our water lines in the street using specialized leak detection equipment.  We ask that homeowners assist in this endeavor by reporting any unusual water in their yards between their hookup in the street and their meter, if they hear the sound of water running continuously, or if they notice any change in their water pressure. All of these could be a sign of a leak.

Besides helping with water conservation, eliminating unaccounted for water is a tool in keeping our water prices affordable.



 2015 Water Quality Report


Cohasset Water Department


Description and Mission of the Cohasset Water Department:



The Cohasset Water Department provides public drinking water to about 7,000 Cohasset residents with about 2,600 connections, 38 miles of water mains, 750 valves, and 400 hydrants.  The Water Department provides water for about 90% of Cohasset (the other 10% receive water services from Aquarion Water Company) and it also provides and maintains a reliable water system for Cohasset's Firefighters. 


 Our Water Supply


Cohasset's drinking and useable water comes from three water supplies, which are Lily Pond, Aaron River Reservoir, and Ellms Meadow.  Lily Pond has a maximum capacity of 79 million gallons of water, which spans over a 52 acre area.  Aaron River Reservoir has a maximum capacity of 479 million gallons of water over a 136 acre area.  Aaron River is connected to Lily Pond and it is used as a supplement in times of high water demand.

The smallest of the three water sources is Ellms Meadow, which provides a seasonal supply of water.  The freezing temperatures in the winter cause the wells to be shut down.  During peak flow it provides about 30% of Cohasset's usable water.  This year the meadow was opened in late march and will continue to operate until the meadow freezes.

Since the reservoir was opened in the 1970's, Cohasset's water users have not been affectd by seasonal droughts even though the surrounding towns have.

Through a state permit, the water department is selling water on a monthly billing basis, to the Linden Pond complex, which provides annual revenue in excess of $250,000.  The water is supplied through an interconnection with the Hingham system that was totally paid for by Linden Ponds.  No water is sold or given to Hingham.


Water Bills and Online Payment:


The Town of Cohasset is excited to offer billpayers a new, convenient method to pay your Sewer and Water bills via the web - visit www.mcc.net to pay your current bill online.  All water and sewer charges are due 30 days from the date issued.  If not paid, the balance will be subject to a 14% interest charge on the total amount due.  Water and sewer bills not paid after 90 days shall be subject to shut off.

Full payment of your water and sewer bill is required within 30 days of the original billing date in order to file for an abatement request.  Failure to pay water and sewer charges in full will result in a lien placed against your real estate property tax bill in accordance with Mass. General Laws Ch. 40, Section 42A through 42F, with a lien charge of $50.00

Water a sewer bills are processed by the Cohasset Water Department.  If you have questions regarding your consumption, please contact the Water Department at (781) 383-0057.  All other questions please contact (781) 383-4108.  Any questions regarding interest or arrears contact the Treasurer and Collector's Office at (781) 383-4102.

To pay your water bill online please click the link below and you will be directed to the water/sewer online payment center. 


Water Department Online Payment Center



  The Water Commission:


The Water Department is under the elected Board of Water Commissioners which consists of three members, one elected each year, who serve a three year term.  The Water Commissioners have exclusive charge and control of the municipal Water Department and water system subject to Federal and State laws and bylaws. 




  • $ 5.11 for step one (0-2,000 c.f./quarter)
  • $ 10.22 for step two (2,001+ c.f./quarter)
Meter Size                    Charge per Quarter             
1 1/2 " or smaller  $ 187
2"                                             $ 542
3" $ 1056
4" $ 1547


Protecting Our Water Supply


It is important for residents to be aware of the watersheds that provide our water supply; this includes the areas around Aaron River reservoir, Lily Pond, and the connecting waterways between them and the Ellms Meadow Wellfields on Cushing Road. 

Please use caution when tending to your properties, you should not be applying herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers that can potentially pollute the water supply.  It is also imperative that you do not dump anything into the water supply or unload yard waste and brush onto the town property.  Besides being prohibited under Town Bylaws, it could be contaminating and leaching into the water supply.

For those who enjoy walking around our water supply, especially with their pets, please do not let them run free.  Also please remember to bring a bag to remove your pets waste, as those untreated deposits greatly contribute to the nutrient overload. 

If you witness anyone that is doing anything that can compromise our water supply directly, or in the watershed, please contact the police immediately.



Ten Water Conservation Tips:


The following ten methods will save you the most on your water consumption and spending:

  1. Only water your lawn when it is needed - a simple test to check if it needs water is to step on the grass, if it springs back up when you lift your foot, it doesn't need water.
  2. Fix leaky faucets and plumbing joints.
  3. Don't run the hose when washing your car - use a bucket of water with a quick hose rinse at the very end.
  4. Install water saving or flow restricting shower heads.
  5. Run only full loads in the dishwasher and washing machine.
  6. Shorten your showers.
  7. Use a broom instead of a hose to clean off driveways and walkways.
  8. Don't use your toilet as a wastebasket or an ashtray.
  9. Capture tap water - while waiting for hot water to come from the tap, catch the cold water flow in a watering can that can be used for the lawn or garden.
  10. Don't water the sidewalks, driveways, or gutters - adjust your sprinklers so that water only lands on the lawn.

 Water Department Responsibilities:


  • Award contracts for work to be performed in the maintenance and construction of Town water systems
  • Establish rules and regulations for the use of the Town water systems
  • Fix just and equitable rates for the use of Cohasset's water system
  • Keeping necessary records
  • Maintain daily flow rates and acceptable water quality
  • Provide on-site inspections and evaluations
  • Submit reports to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection