Beach Testing Results


Photo: I. Lyster

The Cohasset Board of Health regularly tests the major swimming beaches around town on a weekly to ensure the safety of the general public per order of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  Under the MDPH guidelines and regulations, water sampling occurs during the swimming and bathing season from June to September.  Water samples are taken from four recreational beaches around town which include:


  1. Black Rock Beach
  2. Sandy Beach
  3. Bassings Beach


If the bacteria count exceeds safe levels the Board of Health will decide to close the beach until levels have receded to safe levels for the public.  However, when a beach is closed there will be a sign clearly posted to inform the general public about the closing - If bacteria counts in Cohasset Harbor exceed safe levels the Harbormaster will post a yellow flag which indicates the closing of the beaches within the harbor.  Posted below are the results from previous water samples.

2015 Results:

To access the water quality samples for Cohasset's beaches listed above please follow the link below.  For results from Bassings Beach please check with the Town of Scituate.


Cohasset's Beach Testing Results


2014 Sample Results: