Residents Clearing Fire Hydrants

Fire Hydrants


Residents were asked to help the Fire Department, Emergency Management, and other Public Safety Departments shovel out fire hydrants and other key locations that have been buried by the recent snow storms.  Below are pictures of the Cohasset Hockey team shoveling out the Housing Authority located behind the Police and Fire Department on Elm Street.  Additionally a team of National Guardsmen came to Cohasset to give assistance in completing this task.  

We ask that if there are any fire hydrants near you that are still burred by snow to please try and get out to uncover them, by doing so it greatly increases the safety of the residents and their families.  Pictures of residents clearing off fire hydrants can be sent to the Cohasset Police Department for a reward and your pictures posted.  Thank you for your continual help and patience.    

National Guard

Cohasset Hockey Team


The Cohasset High School Hockey Team volunteered for a community service project and with the assistance of Fire Chief Robert Silvia and Senior Housing Supervisor Jill Rosano, they were directed to help shovel out critical areas in the Senior Housing Complex behind the fire station.  For over 2 ½  hours, the group cleared fire escapes, walkways, parking areas, and cars that were buried in over 6 feet of snow.  They worked hard and were happy to be providing a critical service for our town’s seniors.