Historical Commission

Board Members

Rebecca Bates-McArthur

Peter J. Wood

Suzanne Wadsworth

Jacqueline Dormitzer

Francis Collins


Meeting Schedule: Dates will be Announced
Meeting Time: 7:00pm
Location: Town Hall

Contact Information:

The Historical Commission may be contacted through the through the Selectmen's Office at (781) 383-4105


 Description of the Historical Commission:


The Historical Commission is made up of seven members, each is appointed by the Board of Selectmen for a three year term.  Two members are appointed for each of two successive years, while the other three members are appointed the following year.


The Historical Commission identifies and records the historic landmarks of Cohasset.  Along with identifying these landmarks the Commission develops a program focused on the preservation and maintenance of these archaeological and historic assets of Cohasset.


The Historical Commission may also acquire in the name of the Town by gift, grant, bequest, devise, lease, or otherwise, the fee or lesser interest in any real or personal property of significant historical value and may manage such property.