Community Preservation Committee

Board Members

Russell Bonetti
Position: Chairman & Citizen at large
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Susan Hoadley
Position: Citizen at Large

Margy Charles
Position: Citizen at Large

Alex Koines
Position: Conservation Commission

Diane Kennedy
Position: Board of Selectman
Phone: (781) 383-1304
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Susan Sardina
Position: Housing Authority

Michael Dickey
Position: Planning Board

Richard Karoff
Position: Open Space / Rec


Meeting Schedule: Dates will be announced
Meeting Time: 7:00pm
Location: Town Hall

Description of the Community Preservation Committee:


The Community Preservation Committee is subject to any and all responsibilities set forth in Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 44B, Section 5(b)(3)(c).  The Committee studies the needs, possibilities, and resources of the Town regarding community preservation.  The Committee consults with existing municipal boards, including the Board of Selectmen, the Conservation Commission, the Historical Commission, the Planning Board, the Recreation Commission, the Water Commission, the Open Space Committee, and the Housing Authority, in conducting such studies.  As a part of its study, the Committee reviews any current Master Plan or Open Space Plan and holds one or more public informational hearings on the needs, possibilities, and resources of the Town regarding community preservation; notice of which are posted publicly and published two weeks preceding a hearing in a local newspaper that has general circulation in the Town.





  • Studies the needs, possibilities, and resources of the Town with the focus of community preservation
  • Makes recommendations to the Town Meeting for the acquisition and preservation of historic resources
  • Set aside funds for later spending - these funds are specifically for the purposes that are consistent with community preservation
  • Recommends, where possible, to reuse existing buildings, or to construct new buildings on previously developed sites



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