• Legal assistance (by referral to Elder Law attorney)
  • Housing assistance (through Outreach Coordinator and Social Worker)
  • Medical Insurance questions (through S.H.I.N.E. counselor)
  • Fuel Assistance appointments (through Outreach Coordinator)
  • Farmers Market coupons (in-season ONLY, coupons available through Outreach Coordinator)

Health Clinics

  • Blood Pressure Screenings (through Public Health Nurses' office)
  • Reflexology (monthly sessions by appointment ONLY)
  • Manicures (monthly sessions by appointment ONLY)
  • Flu shots (seasonal appointments through Public Health Nurses' office)


  • Low Impact Fitness exercise programs (5-days a week!)
  • Art programs (monthly courses, sign-ups in advance required)
  • Bridge for beginners and advanced players
  • Mahjong for beginners and advanced players
  • Computer and tech-help assistance (monthly drop-in - 1st Wednesday)
  • Health and wellness speakers (availability varies by month)
  • Book group (monthly drop-in - 2nd Friday)
  • Weekly knitting group (drop-in - every Friday)
  • Weekly handcrafters group (drop-in - every Thursday)
  • Floral arranging workshops (through Community Garden Club of Cohasset)

Other Services

  • Outreach Programs
  • Monthly VISTA Newsletter (electronic or mailed to Cohasset residents ONLY)
  • S.H.I.N.E. - Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone
  • Telephone Reassurance Program - "Are You Okay?" program through the Norfolk County Sheriff Department
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday lunches at Willcutt Commons
  • Small job and home maintenance by local handyman
  1. Nancy Lafauce

    Elder Affairs Director
    Phone: 781-383-9112 Ext. 7319

  2. Diane Picot

    Assist. Director, Outreach & Program Coordinator
    Phone: 781-383-9112 Ext. 7315

  3. Liza Salerno

    Services Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator
    Phone: 781-383-9112 Ext. 7314

  4. Richard Gibbons

    Administrative Assistant and Meals on Wheels Coordinator
    Phone: 781-383-9112 Ext. 7312

  5. Siobhan Lynch

    Services Assistant and Cohasset Cares Coordinator
    Phone: 781-383-9112 Ext. 7313

  6. Stephanie Saunders

    Social Worker
    Phone: 781-383-9112 Ext. 7320